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SupremeBytes, LLC was founded in February of 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. Still locally based in Columbus, SupremeBytes provides virtualization, reseller, domain services, and shared hosting solutions worldwide. Founded and headed by current CEO, Damien, SupremeBytes has sprung from a fledgling hosting company to a competitive presence on the local and global hosting market. From a single cPanel dedicated server, managed by Damien from his personal laptop, SupremeBytes is now a versatile cluster of servers spanning 3 countries and still expanding today.

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Our management team is dedicated to provide the supreme choice for web hosting services in Columbus, Ohio. Our company is led by Damien, our Chief Executive Officer who has moved our company forward over the past 3 years, allowing us to expand and provide a superior hosting service to our customers.

  • Damien Chief Executive Officer With several years of experience in business management, Damien has propelled our company to become a leader in the web hosting industry.

  • Zach Chief Technology Officer With many years of experience as a network engineer under his belt, Zach has hurled our company forward. His innovation keeps us at the forefront of technology, policies and practices.

  • Elizabeth Director of Business Development With her experience in business to business sales and corporate relations, Elizabeth has expanded our partnerships to include many small businesses in Columbus and around the world. Her continuing work in end to end service detail, and experience in global exchange, provides a real world perspective edge to all productivity.

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Technology Partners

Grandstream Certified Reseller GlobalSign Authorized Partner Intel Security - McAfee Partner

Customer Testimonials

  • I have used the services of SupremeBytes for many years now, and over that time I have never encountered any issues whatsoever with the service they have offered. I often use their services my business website and for my clients. This is a company which I feel you will not regret hosting your website on.

    Justin Quinlin Site Webmaster

  • The service and professionalism SupremeBytes has provided to me is outstanding. I transferred my website services from Yahoo! which I was a customer for years. I am saving a lot of money by doing business with SupremeBytes. Great small business with big ideas and great service!!!

    Darryl White CEO