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Our Network

Robust infrastructure for various applications

The SupremeBytes network is owned and operated internally and run on fully owned network and server hardware. Our network capacity includes several 10Gbps multimode fiber uplinks to our network upstreams and peers. Additionally, we operate under our own ASN (AS62471) and purchase our IPv4 & IPv6 address space directly from the American Registery for Internet Numbers (ARIN).

Above Industry Standard SLA

Our network is backed by our industry leading service level agreement.
We can guarantee 99.9% network and 100% power uptime.

Native IPv6

All service locations and product lines are both IPv6 enabled and include
native IPv6 transit. Request your IPv6 allocation today!

Network Locations & Transit

Network Map
Network Peers
WV Fiber
China Unicom
Cogent Communications
Hurricane Electric